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Tours & Target Species

Birding Edinburgh

On each of our day-tours of Edinburgh, we aim to see between 60 and 70 species of bird, including globally threatened species and specialities of the UK.

Key species (year-round): Common Kingfisher, White-throated Dipper, Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Long-tailed Tit,

European Otter (specific tours), European Goldfinch, Common Eider, Peregrine

Winter: Long-tailed Ducks, Horned Grebe, Velvet Scoter, migratory waders

Summer: Warblers, Hirundines (swallows and martins), Northern Gannet


American visitors are sure to find lifers and British guests will see some of our most charismatic species!

Otters of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the best places in the UK to watch Eurasian Otter. Despite their elusive reputation, otters are regularly seen at certain points on the Water of Leith. They even hunt in tandem with our kingfishers!

Bespoke Tours

All our tours are fully customisable. To ask about a specific species or travel outside Edinburgh, simply contact us.

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